Hello Alexz.
I own and still use the Fuji GSW111 65mm and the GW111 90mm. Both these cameras are superb basic no frills work horses. The lenses I have found are well up with the leading high quality manufacturers. I have used them for landscape and other work where it is impossible to get my field cameras. They are built like a tank, not very pretty but very reliable, the shutters are noisy but I have found them well up to the job. The format is very much to be desired for landscape work and large group shots. The numbers on the cameras bear little relation to possible condition or how the cameras have been used, they should be considered as just a record for logging. I have not used the other Fuji cameras. Suffice to say, I would not consider parting with either of these cameras. The price being asked is very fair. Go for it!
Stan. L-B