Well, my brand new to me G2 got through about 10 frames on its first test roll, and the shutter has malfunctioned. Won't operate. Motor makes all the right sounds, but the shutter doesn't open and the film doesn't advance. Everything else (AF, meter, etc) function as they should.

After trying all the known tricks, I gave ToCAD a call about repairs. They charge a flat rate $173 to service a G2. I am assuming I will get a refurbished camera back in its place (and a 6 month warranty, too), as most repair services seem to be just swapping out bad cameras for refurbished ones.

I inquired about the T2 as well, as I have a broken one of those, and they charge $165 for that one, again a flat rate.

But at least they are still servicing these very cool cameras! And at least my G1 is still going!