For sale is a Rolleiflex 3.5 E2, serial number 1871709, from circa 1960. This one has a 75mm Schneider Xenotar lens and is in very nice condition cosmetically and perfect condition operationally. This camera was completely overhauled by Krikor Maralian in late 2012, and all functions are silky smooth. Both taking and viewing lenses are in excellent condition and free of cleaning marks, haze, fungus or other blemishes.

This camera has the optional uncoupled selenium meter, which still works and is reasonably accurate throughout its range. The viewing screen is your choice of either the original screen, which is a very fine Fresnel screen with a small split image spot in the center, or a later Rollei screen that has a larger microprism spot surrounded by a similar Fresnel screen.

Included with the camera are the original satin finish hinged lens cap, the Rollei case complete with the meter cover, and a Rollei strap.

All of the above is US $750 shipped in the U.S. PayPal preferred, and I will cover the fees.

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