Am the second owner of the camera. I'd keep it, except that I'm sorta financially fubared right now (hence the reason for the other FS ads) and, for now, have decided to consolidate on my F-series bodies, instead of also having the prosumer versions. Will eventually get another FM2n, but will make sure that it's as close, serial number-wise, to my original FM2n as possible.

Anyway, the camera is cosmetically pretty nice. Has one tiny pock mark at the rewind edge of the top cover, and some nameplate wear, plus some wear on the rewind knob. Advance lever is a NOS part that I purchased to replace the slightly brassed part that was on the camera originally. Back is pretty nice, has one small 3mm square spot of missing paint. Baseplate shows minor wear. Wind side leatherette has shrunken a little, showing the imprint of one of the self-timer mechanism parts from underneath. Refoamed recently. MD-12 works fine. Battery compartment has some minor corrosion, but still provides the correct voltage to the drive. Comes with translucent plastic body cap, manual, and PC terminal cap.


$140+shipping. As per usual, PayPal accepted (or cash for locals). Shipping via USPS Priority Mail ($12.35 for US buyers).

Will have pics either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. Do have a pic of the camera with a lens mounted, however, which I've attached above.