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Michael, we need to import Eric for a while. I think Cailfornia could loosen him up. We can throw in an Import visa for Ed too, since MA. is like a foregin country. I would gladly take street shots if those two would enter the bay to breakers race.
Bay to Breakers - I've heard abut that race!

I understand that some of the runners wear costumes - that "themes" are common - along with a significant number who DO NOT wear costumes - of any kind.

What about an APUG entry ... We can have a contigent of APUG members representing photographers (possibly someone disguised as an 8"x10" View Camera?) and some of our female members disguised (or maybe ... "undisguised...) as nude models.

I'm sure that Aggie, having suggested this in the first place, would volunteer.

Let's vote on this ... All in favor of Aggies suggestion, and her involvement, say "Aye". :roll: