Canon's much-trumpeted 75-300 IS f4.5-5.6 tele lens came out in 1995; I purchased it but later regretted it for the huge drain on a CR5 battery (with EOS1N, before I invested in the power drive booster E1), noise and tardiness, to say nothing of really mediocre optical performance. Now, whether the mid-1990s of the first IS/VR lenses can be described as the hey-day of film photography is open to conjecture; I would say it was much earlier than that — throught the 1980s to early-1990s. Modern era IS lenses have been much better designed but still command a lot of power and generally I view IS/VR as more of a gimmick. And optically, these IS/VR lenses have improved very dramatically — especially Canon's 70-200 f2.8 IS, but given my refined technique and experience I have never regretted my non-IS version of that lens.