I wouldn't want you to "print" all the shots of a session for proofing. When I do print, I am pretty sure it's a good negative. I was thinking that picking negatives on a light box with a loupe is probably still the best.

I'm not always happy with the time that I spent on electronic proofing. Especially the video proofer, the poor quality can't even reveal if a shot is sharp. At least with a loupe, you can tell the sharp shots. With scans, I get to spend time with the image before I commit to print, and this leads me to some weird emotions (feels like cheating) that I don't like. My shot of Ava getting her caricature is an example where I scanned first, loved the scan and then printed. Of course I KNEW it would make a good print, but I would rather have been surprised when I turned on the lights.