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Chris, may I ask what is so special about the Canonet? I've only recently become aware of people seeking them. I ask because a fellow I work with gave his Canonet to his daughter for a photography 101 class and they asked her to use one of the loaner SLRs instead. Call me silly. I don't mind. Just curious!
It is much like the Petri 7S, isn't it? (The Petri was my first camera. I still have it and like it very much.)
Honestly, I don't find it to be as "special" as others do. To me, it's a good way to try "rangefinder" photography and have something smaller than my SLRs. It seems to be very well made and it's certainly compact. It'll probably end up as my "walking around" camera if it delivers good images.

The only reason I can see for not letting the girl use the Canonet is *maybe* they require full exposure control. The Canonet is shutter priority only unless you use an external meter. Otherwise, I don't understand what their problem is. Even in "auto", it's more manual than my Nikon and only slightly less so than my OM-1.

I don't know much about the Petri 7S, but based on what little I've read, I'd say they're not too far apart.

joeyk49, Thanks. I've been eyeballing rangefinder auctions and just couldn't bring myself to pay some of the prices. Hopefully, yours will work out. They seem to be neat little cameras.