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Much appreciation Sandy for your fast response.
In fact, I work with 6x7 kit, not 6x6 (Bronica GS-1 is 6x7 SLR system). I guess the main usage for 6x9 rangefinder would be landscapes, right ? That prescribes quite intensive usage of filters (at least polarizer and GNDs), so how it hanldes with GW69III bearing its rangefinder nature ? I would be glad to hear your personal experiences.
Also, what is shon on the counter ? History of the shutter activations or films ran through the camera ? What is the average life span for their shutters ? (what would tell you numbers of 100 or 500 on the counter ?)

Regards, Alex
My major use of the Fuji GSW cameras has not been for landscapes but for hand-held work in urban environments, using the camera in much the same way one might use 35mm rangefinder. For landscapes I use it on a tripod whenever possible, often with a yellow or orange filter.

The number on the counter, as best I can recall, indicates 10X the number of rolls of film through the camera.