The counter in my GW690II is set to count shutter actuations in multiples of 10, i.e. if it shows 150, the shutter has been fired 1,500 times. The instructions highly recommend a shutter overhaul when the counter reaches 500 (5,000 shutter firings), and an overhaul of both the shutter and film advance mechanisms at 10,000 shots (when the counter rolls back over from 999 to 000). They recommend more frequent servicing when shooting often by the ocean or in other severe environments. This counting mechanism is consistent across the models, and equals the number of rolls in the 670 models.

I love my 690, and the lens is great. It's a bit bulky, but I call it my CL on steroids. I find the finder a bit dim and squinty, especially compared to some of my 35mm rangefinders, and when the camera will capture so much more detail than you can see through the built in finder. So I've taken to using the Cosina Voigtlander 40mm hot shoe auxilary finder for a better view of what I'm shooting. It's within a couple of degrees for that purpose and is much brighter, clearer, and is much easier to see with eyeglasses on. The CV finder magnification is essentially the same as the built in finder, but it feels a lot "bigger".