Cant speak to the Contax body, but I have been using my F2 for the past 6 or seven years ( on and off, I also have an F5 that gets a good deal of use ) and it hasn't skipped a beat. I recently had it for a CLA, and the guys at Midstate camera in RI reported the camera and shutter to be in excellent working order, and also tested the phonemic meter, and found it to be within 1/3 stop accurate. Pretty great reliability for a now 40 yo camera, although you didn't really care about a meter. The nice thing about the F2 is all the focus screens ( I have a bunch that I use ). You can really tailor the camera to suit your needs. a good, user F2 body shouldn't set you back too much, as long as you don't want one of the Titan models, or the F2AS.