The Contax/Yashica Zeiss 50 1.4 Planar is recognised as one of the finest standard lenses ever made - indeed, when it was first tested by SLR Camera magazine (July 1976) along with other photo journals, they had to completely recalibrate their equipment to accommodate it's previously unseen sharpness. Oddly, the smaller, lighter 50 1.7 Planar is slightly sharper - which probably explains its enduring popularity, especially with many DSLR/CSC owners. Someone has already mentioned the quality of the RTSII - a delightful, robust camera that won't break the bank and has a mechanical fail-safe of 1/60th despite using an electronic shutter. For a mechanically-shuttered camera you have several options as has been mentioned: the Contax S2 (a stunner with a 1/4000 top speed but with spot metering only), the rare S2b (essentially the same as the S2 but with average metering) and then the Yashica FX-3/FX-7 (top speed 1/1000) and FX-3 Super (with a faster top speed of 1/2000). The two Contax Preview cameras also have mechanical shutters but are too specialised for your needs as they only take instant film.

The FX3-Super represents the best value (also to be found as the re-badged Braun SR2000Y) by far but for greater versatility in film sensitivity and shutter speed range you would need the S2 or S2b. They both use titanium bodies for durability and lightness and the shutter is a joy. I've used both but prefer the S2b - if you're happy with spot-metering only (not a big issue unless you're in a real hurry) then get the S2 as there's a 30% premium to be paid for the much more rare, and dark coloured, S2b (see photo).