I know this guy.... but don't really know him, but I know that he has a custom made processor that is proven to produce a better fixed, cleaner ending film and work with some amazing photographers (not that it makes any difference).

I did a quick search because I could'n't remember his name, so this is what I found on another forum.

I hope that helps!

AgX Imaging, 228 W. 14th Ave, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783. State of the art equipment, ususally really good turnaround time, many options, (sleeves, mounts, imprinting, etc,) good prices (~$5.00/roll (?)), push processing for a buck extra (or so.) Mike Lussier, the owner, will work with you and aims to please. I know a couple of very successful pros who use him exclusively, yet he'll work for a hack like me, too!