I have had 167mt, RX, G1, G2, and RTS III bodies in the Contax line-up (the G-series of course being the autofocus rangefinders). I loved them all, with the RX probably being my favorite. I now have an RTS III, which is an incredibly sophisticated camera for something from the late 80s (1/8000th top shutter speed, 1/250th flash sync, TTL flash metering for non-dedicated strobes (I know, wow!), and perhaps most famously, the vacuum film plane. This is NOT the camera for someone who values battery-free operation - it needs 6 AA batteries and without them is pretty much dead in the water. But you get all that goodness mentioned above, plus a 97% viewfinder (97% of the film area is visible in the finder - very important when shooting things like copy slides or macro work where composition is critical). Back in the day they were $2200. Now, one in pristine condition will run you $800, or if you're patient, you can find one with a few cosmetic blemishes but in good working order for <$500. And to top it off, if someone tries to mug you, you can beat them into submission with it.