After 20-odd years I'm getting out of designing & custom building computer systems and going back full time to my first love - photography. A field I worked in for 25 years prior to getting side-tracked with high technology.

I've been shooting editorial assignments as well as portraits and publicity for local theater groups and on-set production stills for films being shot in the Atlanta area. I hope to use this work to start shooting portfolios for models & actors.

But recently a large construction firm in the area contacted me to supply them with on-going photography of construction projects. Plus they would like me to photograph finished projects. They would like to use the photographs of finished projects for trade show exhibits, advertising and their web site.

I am thinking of a multi-tier pricing structure:

$350 assignment fee up to 4 hours (some people refer to this as a "show up" fee) with only web site rights included. Other rights to be negotiated when needed.

+ a per-view-requested fee to photograph the construction progress
A. $95 35mm or digital coverage
B. $195 for medium format or 4x5 work
Included with either is one digital "Master Image" file selected from all I may create that day with basic Photoshop clean-up applied (about 10 minutes).

$75/hour post-production time for editing, filing, working with lab, etc.

+ film, processing, scans, etc. but no rights transferred
+ $75/hour Photoshop time for more extensive digital work

I'm of the opinion the coverage of finished projects should all be on 4x5 in order to get the best possible images.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Am I too high/low?
Should I simplify this structure?
Since this is a fairly large construction firm they should be able to afford reasonable fees for professional work.

(I hope this is the correct forum for discussions of this nature. Sorry if it is not.)

Thank you.

Terry Thomas...
the photographer
Atlanta, Georgia USA

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