Hello to all the great people on this site and forum, I have passed a lot of time exploring all the suggestions and writings here and have decided that I wouldn't mind asking for some help from the great supporters and aficionados on this website.

I have recently rekindled my love affair with photography from my younger years and have decided to learn the craft the traditional way by means of a 35mm film camera. So after doing some research on what would work for me and ideally what I found appealing, I settled on getting an Olympus OM camera. So I ended up winning an Olympus OM-1n on Ebay for $50 with a 35-75mm zoom lens and let me tell you this camera looks so new and clean it was a shock when I opened the shipping package.

My question is can anybody recommend someone (technician) in Canada / Toronto area that could give this baby a nice CLA or overhaul make sure all is well with it? It definitely needs to have the light seals replaced and check the foam on the prism to have that removed before it becomes an issue and see if the meter works. So would anyone be able to recommend someone that I can trust to work on this camera? Please and thanks any help would be appreciated