For the last few weeks, I've been constructing a new darkroom in my house. My house is completely finished, so I didn't really have any space I could take and build a darkroom, so I evicted myself from my office, and started turning it into a darkroom.

The space is about 12' x 16', with a closet for storage. As the room previously had carpet, I decided to rip out the carpet, and lay tile, ala the rest of my house. I have a heated basement floor (I live in Canada), so warmth will not be an issue in the winter.

There was also no plumbing in the bedroom (!), so I'm putting that in as well. Water will be brought in from my (really) small darkroom next door, and a proper drain will be installed, via tapping into the bathroom sink drain on the other side of a shared wall.

I've ordered a Haas Intellifaucet, and am currently working on two sinks, one 12', and the other 8'. For those of you who have taken Bruce Barnbaum's workshop at his house in Washington, my sinks are constructed in the same way as his: wood boxes (plywood for mine, his was made with particle board), and lined with PVC sheets. The PVC sheeting was quite expensive, but will make an impervious barrier.

A friend-of-a-friend is a plumber, and he'll be coming in next week to run all the plumbing for the sinks, and the incoming water, for a case o' beer - gotta love that, expecially since I'll be helping him drink it :-D

I still need to determine safe-lighting, and what to use, but I'll get that figured out next week as well. Unfortuantely, my other darkroom is out of commission right now, as it's being used for storage while I'm constructing the other darkroom; I therefore haven't printed for almost a month now. Ick.

I'll continue posting to this thread as I go along, just in case anyone else is interested.

Cheers all!