I tend to agre strongly with the view on theft and thieves - its like in any other area: there are pros, and tehre are punks. As with car thieves, who probably know more about your car than you do, there is little you can do to fool a pro who knows what he wants. And equally little to stop them if they want your stuff badly enough. Then there are punks, who may steal anything that comes to hand as long as it "looks expensive" to them - or more often, is simply there for the taking. By those standars, Idoubt blacking out will save you from either group, and am certain it won't from a pro. The only thing that does help are bags and packaging that does not scream: "CAMERA INSIDE!!!". I would not blame anyone for taking their nice brand name camera bags and putting them inside gym bags while they're in public view. No one wants your smelly sneakers - and those who do... well, they have problems beyond the scope of this forum