I normally use a string of red LED lights for a safelight. Very bright and easy to work in. With the Ilford MGIV RC paper I've been using as paper negatives there has been no problem at all with safelight fog, even with prexposed paper left out for 10 or 15 minutes. Looking around on the B&H site I found Oriential grade-2 RC paper, 8X10, 100 sheets for $45, that seemed a good price and I had wanted to try a graded paper for paper negatives.

This paper fogged in the safelight, and I mean it fogged fast. Both products technical sheets call for the same color and intensity safelight and I admit the LED's are very bright but the data on the Oriental site does call this paper an extremely "fast" paper. I believe it!

When handling the Oriental paper I have switched to a very dim, 11w red safelight bulb and limited time out of the box as much as possible. However it does take a little time to cut the paper to 4X5 size before I stick it back in the box. I hope this will take care of the fogging problem.

I've used mostly Ilford paper for a long time and had never run across this problem before. I've got a couple of holders loaded and will be able to tell soon if this paper can be used for negatives as I had hoped.