Hi all,

I recently shot four very important films in my canon A-1 which all came out blank (something wrong with the shutter it seems). This is my third A1 to break in a short period of time so I have decided to ditch the A-1 and go for something new. I was wondering if any of you could recommend a camera to suit my needs..

So my preferences are- 1) Something reliable- i.e won't break after a few films. 2) Fast-ish shutter speed (I shoot lots of low depth of field portraits so it would be nice not to have to rely on ND filters when shooting when the aperture is low). 3) Smallish - which I guess excludes a lot of the autofocus cameras. 4) Cost to be less than say $200 (I may be able to increase this)

Can any of you think of any good cameras that fulfil all or most of the above criteria?