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I'm happy working with a Leica or TLRs, you just need to get used to the M2 then it becomes intuitive.

Sound advice. In my case it was some 25 years of working with Nikons and Hasselblads before I picked up my first rangefinder (an M4P that I no longer own). For the first year or so, I fought constantly with the camera; using it just wasn't intuitive in the way my Nikons are. But after a year or so of (infrequent) use, the thing gradually became more comfortable to use. That said, to this day, I remain anything but proficient with changing film (I often find my self cussing like a sailor when loading fresh film); possibly one roll in five is loaded on the first attempt. Still, the Leicas are a pleasure to shoot with; I wouldn't part with them for anything.