After a stint with Leica (I've handed it back), I realise that the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence. My pre-ashp summilux flared, and the meter on the M6 faulty. I thought about Canon, but still dont want one, and really, all I want is 10 megapixels sometime in the future, and to shoot more film now alongside my D70, I dont even want a 12 megapixel D2X.

On the plus side, all those uber Nikkors which I thought were expensive now seem like bargains! I currently have a F65, D70, 50mm f/1.4, SB600, a fridge full of kodachrome and bulk rolls of HP5+ (yippee). F6 was tempting, but nah, too big.

So my come back kit Im thinking of is.. please double check my thinking, dont want to make another mistake. Canon posters are encouraged to recommend a Canon alternative, I do after all only have a 50mm lens, and the D70 could just be converted to infared usage.

FM3A w/E screen
28mm f/1.4
105mm f/2.0 DC (on clearance at dealer)

Given full frame film and 1.5 crop digital, I cant see much more that I'd need & Im hoping that the FM3A w/28mm f/1.4 can do everything a M6 & Summilux can do and will work with digital when something compact which performs is available.

Any FM3A users here?