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Thos blasted numbers! We as film addicts need to do something about this! I propose we get all get together and invent a new form of math so that everything we want is profitable from Ilford. Kodachrome? no problem!, color IR film? HA! a trifling matter... Want that special imulsion that you loved 45 years ago? Simon laughs at how easy it is. It would all be so easy if we could just invent a new math. So get cracking you mathmatics people. I'm waiting...
It is not mathematics instead it is accountancy that is the problem - profit is the bad word you are grappling for.
Kodak stopped doing 220 trix in 2010 (or there about) cause no one was buying it. Their 220 finishing machine may still be ok or sitting in a scrap yard being reduced to small parts for material recycling... Id suggest the latter, ditto Ilfords...
My fav retailer still has some 16x20 from last years ULF run, so some one ordered it and vanished.
Id buy a 16x20 camera if I needed one but I don't.
Film sales are still reducing in volume?
Digital cameras and CamPhones are getting cheaper. Most cam shops only sell digital cams, no second hand film cameras.
There are exceptions like Lomo.