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Capa is, i believe, the only photographer to go ashore in the first wave of the D-Day invasion. His blurry (melted emulsion) photos are probably among the best-known war photos ever. http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/20...ert-capa-d-day
Robert Capa came ashore in the second wave with the 16th Regiment of the US 1st Infantry Division.
There are lots of photos of the first wave.
Just three members of the the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit on D-Day
Charles Roos, who was the first Allied cameraman ashore on D-Day. Roos' film of Canadian soldiers disembarking under fire on Juno Beach is among the most iconic footage of the D-Day Landings.[3]
Lieutenant Ken Bell, who landed on Juno Beach on D-Day with The Highland Light Infantry of Canada, and shot the only surviving colour footage of D-Day. ( Bell shot with a Rolleiflex)
Sergeant D.W. Grant, who on D-Day filmed approximately two minutes of motion picture footage of soldiers of The North Shore Regiment landing at Bernières-sur-Mer. The film was quickly sent to England and cleared for distribution by news outlets.
I am sure British photographers were there too