There is more to the digital mainstream than just equipment and paper and chemicals. The old fashioned way of making a photograph is not machinegunning your camera around and taking 600 so-called photos an hour. In the olde days photography was a very controlled event. Many olde time cameras came without rangefinding equipment so you had to carefully measure the distance to the subject with your eye or a measuring tape. You probably put the camera on a tripid an studied the scene in front of you prior to pressing the shutter. Then most folks would put their camera and film in the mail and send it to Kodak for a new roll of film installed in the camera, prints and negatives from the photos you had shot. Not a speedy process. I have moved from 36 exposures to 12 (a Rolleiflex) and will make my own film or film plates if things come to that. I also am putting together two FrankenGraphic cameras (4x5 and 2 1/4 x3 1/4) and will use paper negatives in them. Later I will try coating my own paper/glass, whatever. I am getting myself into a time warp charging fearlessly into the past and I love it.