The Canonet is a fine camera, and so is the Petri 7s. In fact, I'm glad to hear somebody mention the Petri. I think it does work which is very much on a par with the Canonet, and while it has no Auto function, I find its match needle metering easy and pleasant to use. Two other fixed lens rangefinders I'll give high marks to are the Konica Auto S2 and the Yashica Lynx 14 (not the 14E, however).

For $6 I'll gladly send you a nice seal kit which contains what you'll need to do a proper job. I'll even e:mail specific instructions telling you exactly how to re-seal it with numerous images...including directions on removing the pressure plate and the film door, if you wish to do this.

That is an excellent price for a good one. I think you'll like it.