Thank you F4user, yes I'd looked at that page a day or so past and that makes me think the information on the B&H website is in error regarding safelight for this product. The B&H site says OC safelight and I don't thing that is yellow-green, more of a brownish-amber if I recall correctly. Did you notice the last part of the second paragraph? "Be carefull with prints after they have been exposed to see that no futher exposure takes place" This almost sounds like they are saying 'after exposure processing should be done in total darkness.' I have always been told that exposed but unprocessed paper is more sensitive to fogging than unexposed paper right out of the box.

At this time it looks like I can get by with the 11w bulb about 4 feet from the work surface. It looks good at least up to 5 minutes exposure. Last night I ran a preflash time test and will expose that paper today to see if I can cut the excessive contrast with paper negatives.

I think eventually I'll order some Arista grade #2 RC paper from Freestyle and test it. This is the paper used by Joe Van Cleave in his excellant tutorials both here and on U-tube. I'd like to get the paper negative down to a standard procedure that is repeatable.

Then there is always the possibility of just buying some real, 100 ISO B&W 4X5 film. There has to be a first time for everything.