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Sometimes, when I have only a big soldering iron and have to make a little soldering ( repairing boards, ... ) I tie a little piece of copper wire to the tip of the tool. This acts as a new tip and l have'n to go away for another solder pen.
Good advice. I have done a ton of soldering over 50 years and have found out a secret: when soldering small heat sensitive parts such as printed circuit boards, it is better to use a high wattage iron with a small tip. The reason is the heat is transmitted quickly, the job completed quickly and the heat removed quickly. A small low wattage iron requires long contact with the parts to get the temperature up and allows more heat transfer to unwanted parts/areas. Also don’t cheap on the solder. Best is best. Thirdly, keep all the surfaces clean –the iron, the parts, the solder. When you think the parts are clean enough, clean them again….