if you want a barnack , you can try with fed 1g or zorki c or earlier but focusing wouldnt be similar , so the pictures. Leica is smooth like a butter , mechanism is velvety smooth also , they are not same and you cant get the lens performance also.

Leica is not a ordinary camera you can test in one week , if you dont know how to look in picture , if you are not detail maniac , if you are not color and degrade maniac , if you shoot at dark and woman bones , skin blows relief , if that is not meaningful for you , if you dont force the camera and use ordinary , it gives ordinary results.

Its like buying the most expensive dutch oil paint and if you dont have talents , you mess up the picture.

Are you good enough , did you like what did you see or are you a brand maniac and want to own a mercedes when you are not knpwing anything about its engine and listening the engine dont tell you a story ?

you are thinking to buy a rolls royce and want to test it for one week , is nt it tragicomic ?