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I thing digital shooters have more out takes because they're not limited to 36 exposures before reloading AND shooting more doesn't increase the cost of the assignment. Am I wrong? There's more time for the photo editor sifting for the Heros.
A local photographer did a wedding for a friend of mine, had three people shooting and the shot count for the day was 5,000ish as I remember. After the wedding the photographer gave my friend a disc with all 5,000 sized small, similar in size to what the gallery uploads here are and said "Call me when you have your faves picked out". Last I heard that was as far as it ever went. No album no prints.

It was a true dis-service to dump 5000 shots onto the client, this is especially true given that the norm for total shots used for a given wedding was about 40-60 shots when I was trying to make a living at it (6-8 years ago). Even today it is my understanding that a truly huge wedding album will only have 100 shots in it.

I do understand why that photographer dumped that work onto the client though editing 5000 shots is an overwhelming and daunting task. I had one wedding hit 2000 and the editing time killed the next week.