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And I agree. I do though see the value in say burning through a whole roll (or 4 sheets) for each subject/setting/situation/sitter. Even if we know darn well we can get what we want with a single shot, IMO forcing ourselves to experiment a bit has real value even if it doesn't turn out every time.

There have been far too many times in my life where I decided to save a couple sheets/frames and later looked back and said, should'a burned more film or should'a tried xyz.
i used to bring 1 roll of 24exp tmy with me to every newspaper assignment to take a portrait.
i would use the whole roll easily trying to get what i needed. at first i thought, this is insane 24 exposures for 1 view
but then it was go-time and i had to deal with cranky people bad expressions trying to coax something nice
different poses, different scenarios and i sometimes went into a 2nd roll. when i worked for the portrait photographer i allude to
she would give me 3 full holders of split 5x7 film ... 12 exposures / client/sitter.
it isn't machine gunning by any means but it certainly isn't 10thousand exposures ...