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You can rent one for free. Buy a beater user from Youxin Ye. Use it for a while then sell it for at least what you paid, I can almost guarantee that. Good used Leicas are holding their value well. Or even going up. My used 0.85 MP I bought used almost 8 years ago from Tamarkin for $1750. Can get close to $3000 for it now. Got a used beater M2 from YY for just over $300, easily can sell for that. $200 for a IIIf. No problem selling around that price. No need to rent, just got to come up with the "deposit" then pass on to the next person if you decide you no like-a.
Guarantee may be a strong word, but Richard has a point.

A local shop just started rentals (granted, digital). A Nikon D7100 they sell for $1100 rents for $180 per week. So about 16% of the new price per week. I have no intention of arguing for or against their rental price, other than to say it's probably typical.

I suspect you would need at least a week, maybe 2, to really get to know a Leica. So if you buy one, you have some room to sell it for less.

If you want to see if you using a RF, and don't want to take the plunge for a Leica, buy a good, CLAd Canon GIII. Personally, I think that will be a better tool for evaluation than a FED or Zorki (absent the interchangeable lens).