This year, the last weekend of September (23rd-25th), some of us LF Norwegians will gather in the fairly remote community of Stryn, Nordfjord. The location is chosen parly for it's location halfway between everything, and that it has some of the most spectacular landscapes in Norway. An example is this picture from last September.

We hope to bring sufficient machinery and chemicals to develop B&W in any size from 6.5x9cm to 30x40cm (that's 16x12" in English), but probably not colour this time around.

There will be cameras. There will be lenses. I will bring all of mine, and I have lost count... Most of mine are from between 1870 and 1970, so I hope someone will bring something modern too.

Accomodation is plentiful, there are more guest beds than inhabitants there. As soon as we have an idea of how many to expect, we will select the most appropriate place and make the necessary arrangements.

Getting there is slightly more complicated, but we can help. If not, we can at least advise...

Anyone is welcome; contact me for more information as and when available!

Oh by the way: It's not a workshop, but a "gathering". So participation is free.