After working in color processing a LOT, I've become accustomed to working without a safelight, in total darkness - well, see below.

I do have the JOBO - what is it called - "Maxi-Light" (???? don't quote me on that one) that operates with Light Emitting Diodes. Wall mounted, with three dial-in filters - one dedicated to "color". The thing has a MTBF of something like forever - and I can't see where ANY fading would take place.

It may not be the brightest - I haven't tried reading a newspaper with it ... but then again, how many people choose safelights for reading newspapers?

Light leaks - After my eyes have become acclimated, I can see a few - well, more than a few - light leaks in my darkroom. I've tested: first by setting up my ColorStar 3000 to the most sensitive density possible and attepting to read indicated exposure - turned out to be nada - nothing but blinking indicators - therefore more that 999 seconds; and by setting my Gossen UltraPro to the highest ISO speed 800,000 (DIN 60), setting the aperture to "wide open" - f/0.7, and again, a blinking display indicating "Out of Range" (and that puppy will read to eight [8] hours).

After all that, I don't think I have to worry much about fogging film.

One question, though ... Why do I always wear my glasses when I load film into the tanks in total darkness?