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Someone earlier in this thread claimed that one Urban Outfitter location (in CT) had already stopped carrying Lomo stuff. I've never been in one (in WA), so I don't know. I kicked around buying one of those Belairs just for fun, but then realized I could have a Sekonic L398A meter for less.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen one of those Lomo cameras shown on their website out in the wild. Probably due to my age group.

That was me, yup I used to be able to buy impossible integral film, 110, 35mm and 120 film, as well as Lomography and Holga cameras in 35mm and 120 format as well as a short "movie" camera that shot a few seconds of frames from a 35mm film canister, odd right? lol

About a year ago I noticed stock dwindling and even the one in New York (urban outfitters), at least one of the locations, in Manhattan, had low stock and the sales lady said they were cutting back.

I stopped in the CT one 2 months ago and NO film at all but a few on the clearance peg board hooks.

All replaced by various record players and albums and tape decks and CD's so they are into the music scene of the hipster crowd now.