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At 1:1 a tripod is a requirement not a choice.
Steve, I have thousands of good (plane of best focus where I wanted it, well-exposed, sharp) Kodachromes shot handheld at 1:1. 105/2.8 MicroNikkor AIS on an FM2n with two small flashes mounted on a Spiratone Macrodapter. 55/2.8 MicroNikkor AIS and 55/3.5 MicroNikkor on an FM2n, Nikkormat ELW, and Nikkormat FTN with two small flashes mounted on a Jones of Hollywood macro bracket and several I made myself.

For small moving subjects, including flowers when there's any wind at all, a tripod just gets in the way. So does a monopod.

Been there, done that, am pleased with the results. Understand, however, that when I started out I was afraid to use flash.