Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone has experience using a Canon T90 on full manual mode? I'm just trying to figure this out... from the instruction manual I see that the lens needs to be taken off "A" setting, then the camera mode needs to be set to Tv. Then you just set shutter using the camera dial, and aperture using the lens ring.

But I think I must have another setting wrong because the when I half-press the shutter while looking through the viewfinder, the exposure scale on the right doesn't change at all, no matter what settings I use. The scale just shows the remaining frame counter, all the time. The aperture number will flash, meaning that the exposure is incorrect, but this isn't shown on the exposure scale. How do I get that scale working correctly?

The reason I want to use the scale is so I can see exactly how many stops over/under it's showing, then I make a decision based on that. That's just how I'm used to shooting these days, I use manual mode on my M8 for everything, hoping I could do the same on the T90. But without the scale and only a simple "incorrect exposure" warning it's not very useful.

I'm pretty sure I did have it set correctly when I was playing just before (minus the exp. scale), but now it's just doing weird stuff. For instance I have the lens set on f/5.6 and change the shutter speed, but when I change the shutter speed the viewfinder display shows a different aperture as well?? Shouldn't that show what is set on the lens? I don't have Safety Shift activated either.

Update: I changed the metering mode from center-weighted to spot and now I have the proper exposure scale.
But I think something still isn't right because the viewfinder still isn't showing the aperture based on the lens setting?

Any help would be much appreciated!