Hi all,

I have a problem with my Contax G2 and 35-70mm lens (my only lens). The camera acts normal without the lens on, it autofocuses, the viewfinder display lights up and displays properly... etc. HOWEVER, when I mount my lens, it becomes unresponsive. It turns on, and the top left LCD display comes on, however that is it in terms of functionality. The shutter button is unresponsive, and the viewfinder display doesn't turn on. Sometimes I can get it to work by fiddling with the dials/lens, or removing the batteries for an extended period... however once I turn it off, it once again becomes unresponsive when turned back on.

I read a thread about a similar problem here, so I thought maybe someone can help shed some light. Like I said it works great without the lens mounted. It's a black G2 and lens, so hopefully it's repairable.

Right now I have the batteries out. I'll put them back in a few hours and hopefully it will work. I then plan to leave it on for an extended period of time and maybe that will 'fix' something...

I appreciate the help.