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That is true.

Because I have found another supplier. But you do or can you help with a recipe of some kind?

I knew this was not going to be easy, that is why I put the issue to the forum. I hoped, that someone out there could assist.

Some times I get really "peed" off, because there are millions of us on this forum. The only assistance I see that persons get are from those pushing their own likes and dislikes. With the years and time that have gone by, it is really a surprise to me, that we are stilling looking and have not found the recipes to Fg7, Harvey 777, Hygrain, and a host of other developers and other formulas..., that are 30 or more years old.

So what does that say about us.

#1 Son
It says we don't have a crystal ball or Ouija board.
So if the formula is not published we won't be able to help.
I don't use any fine grain formula but there are some in the photo formula books probably just as effective.
If you need fine grain use Acros, Delta100, PanF, or Tmax100, a fine grain developer won't be as effective as a fine grain film.