Yes Gerald, you are correct. I am just a little stress. I wanted to succeed at this. And Jim; $1120.00, is a lot of money for less than a half a pound of chemical.

But my ex-wife and sister, would spend that in 1 minute on perfume at Macy.

I do not need it. But I do want it. I want to see what it is, and what it is that I can really do with it. The second supplier is asking only $715.00 @ 98% purity, including shipping and handling, out of Ohio. And I do have some formulas that call for its use. Two of them, are from Edward W. Lowe.

I will be pulling out all of my CD and DVD data disc over the coming weekend and assemble a list of the formulas that I have collected. And as I post them after the holidays, we can see if any comes close to the FG7 formula that I am seeking. Or maybe we can tweak them a little, to see if we can improve on them.

Oh yes, the "holy grail"..., is my divorce attorney.

#1 Son