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For $6 I'll gladly send you a nice seal kit which contains what you'll need to do a proper job. I'll even e:mail specific instructions telling you exactly how to re-seal it with numerous images...including directions on removing the pressure plate and the film door, if you wish to do this.
Sounds good. Do you take paypal?

Consider also taking the top off the camera and cleaning the rangfinder mirrors/windows. This will brighten things considerably. Also, there was a trick posted about putting a small piece of tape on the viewfinder window--in the same place as the rangefinder patch. This really helps make the rangefinder clear.
Once I get around to cleaning the camera, I plan to do that. I've also heard about the rangefinder modification. I'll probably give it a try just to see if it helps me or not. The rangefinder patch looks pretty good in regular indoor light.