Hi all.

Some of you may be familiar with my work documenting the remaining professional darkrooms in London (2006) - http://www.richardnicholson.com/projects/last-one-out/

Since then I've been documenting darkrooms in New York (2011), Tokyo (2013) and Berlin (2014). Next week I'm heading to Paris.

Can anyone add to this list of Paris darkrooms/labs put together by a friend in France? (I'm interested in both colour and B&W printing.)

These one look promising:

  • La Chambre Noire (Guillaume Geneste / Guillaume Fleureau)
  • Atelier Demi-Teinte (Jean-Pierre Haie)
  • Foto 2 (Daniel Botti)
  • Processus (Marie-Laure Metge / Tom Escuriol)
  • Atelier FenÍtre sur Cour (Nathalie Lopparelli)
  • Central DUPON Images
  • L'Atelier Publimod
  • Picto

These ones I'm not sure about (perhaps no longer hand-printing):

  • Roland Dufau
  • Arka Photo Lab
  • L'Atelier Label Image

How about HCB's printer? Voja Mitrovic? Has he retired?


Richard N