thanks for these suggestions so far, and kind words ( and pm's )
for the record .. im not in a rut, but i thought it would be a nice thread
just in case someone IS in a rut

thankfully i am distracted enough in life to not be in too much of a rut ...
and if / when i am in one, i don't usually worry about it and i keep doing
whatever it is i am doing ...
luckily i have 30 things going on at once both photographically and non,
so if i am bored, i can always paint a room, fix something that might need fixing,
cook a meal ( or 5 ) roast some coffee, have some espresso, brew some beer,
make some bread, build a camera, help someone ( with a project, with homework &c )
make something, go for a jog/bike ride or go to someplace i don't go to often ( or someplace i go to all the time ) ,
look for work, meander, observe "stuff", work on a handful of long term projects (or start another)
work on a hand-stitched book, infect my kids with photography, stare at clouds, stars or other people's photographs, people-watch, tinker
... i also have a backlog of maybe 14 years of negatives i could probably print ...