Although not related to "hipsters," I know a few people who have gotten into film by other means. One is a coworker who's friend found something resembling parts of a 4x5 camera in her father's estate. He brought it to work, and a couple of us couldn't figure out what it used to be (perhaps a cheap copy camera, there were only some parts: lens/shutter/board, a couple backs, and some odd pieces of wood. Not even a bed or rail). He wanted to turn it into some semblance of a camera for his friend, if only for display, for her to remember her father by. He thought it would be great if she could actually take a few pictures with it - even only once.

We told him how to "fake it" together enough to take some pictures. Instead of completely faking it, he bought bellows from ebay and forced it to work. Not correct, but it was now a "camera." He then bought some Ultrafine film. Another coworker and myself lent him equipment and chemicals to develop the film.

Considering it was his first time, and the camera was cobbled together, the results weren't great - but he really got into it. I lent him my Holga. Then he purchased a beat-up Kiev, his own tanks and changing bag, etc. Ultimately he bought a nice TLR (not sure what brand). He's not forsaken digital, but he is enjoying film... and in no way is he an "hipster." There may be more people into fads than people like him, but he will stick with it longer.