Nothing wrong with owning several cameras if photography is your serious interest/hobby/relaxation.

I have several, 35mm and MF, bought over the years and all of which are used from time to time. My only fault is deciding which to take on photo's too easy to think "I'll take this one with slide film, and this one with colour neg. And, oh, I'd better take this one as well in case I want to take some B&W shots. And, oh, better just put the P&S digital one in the bag for any quick record snaps. And that reminds me, I'm trying out the shutter on that old one I've been given, pop that in as well ! "

Then I just get bogged down not knowing which to use!

I really try nowadays to take one camera with one type of film, and just concentrate on getting good shots on that ! Much easier to carry, as well.