Use that 6x7 for a few months and then see how you feel.

My MF addiction started with a Rolleiflex that was my only MF camera for about 25 years. Then I got a deal on a Hasselblad. Then a Fuji 6x9 rangefinder. Sold the 6x9 because I didn't use it enough and I never bonded with it. Bought more Hasselblad gear. Not too long ago a friend of mine got me hooked on cheap MF cameras. I now own two Agfa Clacks, a Zeiss Box Tengor and a folding rollfilm camera. One of the Clacks is going to become a pinhole camera.

My most-used camera out of the bunch? The Rollei. It's easy to toss in a camera bag for a short outing. Most flexible? The Hasselblad. Most fun? Any of the "junk store" cameras.

Enjoy the ride!