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For me the key things that I want from a developer are:
  • Relatively low levels of grain (given that I am using 6 x 7 film printed onto 16" x 12' paper)
  • Good level of apparent sharpness
  • Reasonable levels of acutance (impossible to define/explain but I know what I want)
  • Good tonal structure (again impossible to define/explain but I know what I want)
  • Being sure that I can place the dark shadows (where I want to retain detail) exactly where I want them secure in the knowledge that the developer will control the highlights (i.e. will not cause me to have very dense highlights that are hard to print or are virtually impossible to print).
  • That the developer can cope with the variety of scenes and subject brightness ranges that exist on a single roll of film.



Same here. I shoot mostly street and documentary and there isn't always time to nail the exposure correctly. BT2B is idiot proof in operation, highly consistent and produces a beautiful, printable negative 90% of the time, even if your exposure varies a little across a roll. It's ability to hold on to highlight detail in high contrast situations is of the utmost value to me. This last point is the main reason why I still shoot film and have not switched over to digital. Two bath developers can give me an endless, smooth rolloff in to white that I just don't see in digital.