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Medium format had me started with a YM 124G. It has been a really nice one, with no marks at all, and my GAS could not resist on it. A year after, me too got into buying a like new GF670w, and while caring for it perhaps too much for it looks, I have not enjoyed many rolls with it. It is that stupid fear of accidental damage to something you like too much.
Then, a while after I have bought a like new Lubitel 2. It is by no means on par with the other two, but for just 10 buckazoids I had given no thought on it. I have to confess that this is the MF camera I have enjoyed more. Not caring much of what might happen to it, I have carried it almost everywhere and it did pretty well. Some time later it broke. No sorrow at all, for a fiver I got me another one and that keeps going.
Selling the other two had crossed my mind many times, especially when being financially in bad shape, but recalling being sorry for letting beloved things go and not being able to buy them again put me back in place. Yes, I have two cameras that I do not use much, but I cannot let them go either.
It is definitely a problem, possibly objects taking filling up psychological (emotional?) gaps, but...
Hah! I'll probably be doing the same thing! In the end buying up a cheaper lubitel and shooting with that instead most of the time.