Chazz, I've got a Gowland 8x10 aerial. Very cool. It is basically a big point and shoot with a Nikkor 300M out in front. Very light wieght and good for action shots in 8x10(&#33 At f9 (wide open) the filter factor gets a little interesting but that is the trade off in using a copal 1 shutter at 1/400ths. Peter is a great guy to talk to, a real legend---check out wouldn't hesitate to get another Gowland if I could justify it. The 4x5 monorails I believe rival the Toho in wieght at a fraction of the cost and every time I come across a used Gowland Calumet I kick myself for passing it up(200-300 is what they seem to be going for.) They aren't Linhofs or Sinars with geared everything, but if you want something light to take into the field, or something as off the wall as an 8x10 TLR, Peter Gowland builds them and he builds good stuff.