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Mourning Morning is a treat to look at because of its charming evocation of loss and the promise of renewal.
Looks like DeGraves Street in the laneway shot, a scene I have viewed in another pano photographer's folio (Erwin Groen).
All the pics are well exposed something I don't see often in pano photography where e.g. Velvia 100 is often preferred and exposure is guessed.
This Velvia looks a bit pinkish in base tone to me. Were you using a Skylight 1B filter?
Thanks for the comments. I used Velvia 50 for most of these except 4 and 8 which I used Velvia100 and 3 and 7 I used Velvia 100F. I think the Velvia 50 is quite blue/purple and the Velvia100F makes blues look purple and exagerates yellows (in my limited experience). I will check out Erwin Groen's pic of Degraves street.